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Kratomade Flavored Kratom Powder

Pre flavored, premixed, doses of kratom powder you can add to anything! This innovative kratom mix was engineered by and K-Lab over a 10-year period to make the first completely water soluble flavored kratom extract. You can mix it with any beverage — but try it with water first, you’ll be surprised at how good it tastes! With over 20 flavors to try you’ll find it hard to get bored. 

The powder packets make it easy to dose to your preference, each pouch of Kratomade contains 100 mg of kratom extract — enough for two full doses. Each serving should be mixed with 8oz of liquid. If you are just trying kratom, you should start with less than a full dose until you know how it will affect you.

A mitragynine packed premium kratom blend, this kratom drink mix provides full-spectrum effects with benefits from all three varieties of kratom — red vein, green vein, and white vein. You can expect to feel relaxed, energized and everything in between. Kratomade can be taken any time of day — so try trading your afternoon energy drink for a dose of kratom and get the lift without the crash. Don’t take our word for it, try it today!

Have you tried Kratomade? Perfect for those who love the grab and go approach and the many different flavors available. Ideal for vacations and travel — you won’t have to worry about anything leaking in your luggage or bag! If you want a stronger potency in the same easy to take anywhere liquid or capsule, checkout our best selection of kratom extracts.

Kratomade flavor options: yellow grapefruit, peach, lemonade, dragon fruit, berry blend, blueberry, acai berry, raspberry, iced tea with lemon, mandarin orange, lemon pie, cherry pomegranate, tamarind, multivitamin, lemon, iced tea with passion fruit, guava, acerola, lemon tonic, soursop, grapefruit tonic, forest fruit pack, passion fruit, and red orange. 

Available in single packets or in boxes of six or 24 packets. Kratomade is made with 100% pure, lab tested Mitragyna Speciosa extract blend. Other ingredients: citric acid, malic acid; bulking agent; maltodextrin; kratom extract; natural flavorings; acesulfame; sucralose, stevia extract; trisodium citrate; tricalcium phosphate (anti-caking agent); guar gum, gum acacia; l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c); coloring concentrate from carrot.

Where Does Kratom Come From?

All kratom comes from the dried leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, a species native to Southeast Asia and a relative to the coffee plant. It thrives in hot, humid climates making Southeast Asia the world’s top Kratom source. This botanical has been used by the native peoples in this region for centuries as a part of their holistic well-being, for lifting spirits, relaxing the body, and liberating the mind.

Only after reaching their peak of perfection, leaves are hand-picked by Kratom farmers with years of experience selecting only the best Kratom leaves. After specialized drying techniques, the leaves are crushed and made into the kratom you can buy online today. NuWave Botanicals has built strong relationships with kratom cultivators and communities across Southeast Asia bringing you expertly grown, ethically sourced kratom products. 

How to Take Kratomade Flavored Kratom Powder

Mix half a pack with 8oz of liquid for one serving or mix a full pack with 16oz of liquid for two servings. Please read all packaging for dosage recommendations. It is very important to talk to your regular health care provider before you start incorporating kratom, or any new herb or supplement into your lifestyle. Your doctor knows your current and past health concerns and can help you determine if kratom is a good fit for your wellness goals.

Why Do People Use Kratom?

People take kratom to help clear the morning fog or fight the urge to nap. Coffee and energy drinks are America’s favorite way to get mornings going or over afternoon slumps, but did you know that kratom can be even more effective than caffeine? Kratom as a caffeine alternative has been shown to provide longer lasting effects than coffee, plus contains powerful alkaloids that can boost your mood and increase productivity. Many people swear by it as a good caffeine substitute in their daily routine.

Kratom can also be used to wind down after a long day or prep for a good night’s sleep. A more body friendly approach than alcohol, at higher doses kratom can also melt away your stress and relax your entire being — helping you drift into a deep peaceful state. Flavored kratom drinks are a fun way to explore this option if you’re looking for a replacement to your nightcap.

Is Kratom Safe?

The best way to ensure the safety and purity of the kratom you buy is to check if the manufacturer is certified by the American Kratom Association. Vendors who are recognized by the AKA follow strict lab testing protocols and good manufacturing processes. If you’re ready to try kratom, talk to your healthcare provider before you start. They know your past and present medical history and will be able to determine if kratom is right for helping you achieve your wellness targets.

Kratomade is a water soluble drink.
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/2 packet (1.75g)
Instructions: 1 packet contains 2x50mg serving of Mitragynine (100mg total) Mix either a half pack with 8oz of water (1serving), or mix a full pack wtih 16oz. of water (2servings)-enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

[Box of 6], [Single]


Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Lemonade, Acai Berry


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