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Curate the flow of your day with the fast-acting Gold Series Kratom Gummies. Within minutes, naturally channel more relaxation, focus, or energy into your day with mouthwatering, fruity flavors. Whether you’re a pro or a novice in kratom, the Gold Series offers three unique strains to match your vibe.

Our ingredients are sourced from vetted and credible suppliers. Third-party labs rigorously test each product for the premium potency and safety we’re known for. We work hard to ensure we provide the best kratom extracts on the market.

Flo | Wild Tangerine

Strain: Malay Kratom


  • Mood boost
  • Increased energy levels (with no jitters!)
  • Increased focus and mental clarity

Flo is the chill and easy first step into Kratom you’ve been looking for! Each bit is a tart and tangy burst of sunny citrus. The Malay strain is known for its balanced, even effects, making it perfect for those seeking a milder experience.

Mello | Strawberry Limeade

Strain: Indo Kratom


  • Mild pain relief
  • Blisfull relaxation 
  • Anxiety relief
  • Sleeping sedative

Unwind with the flavor of jammy, sweet strawberries swirled into a refreshingly tart limeade. Indo Kratom is widely associated with its calming and soothing properties. Some users may find that Mello eases anxiety or relaxes them into a restorative sleep. Mello is perfect for those looking to brush away the physical and mental stress of the day and melt into perfect relaxation.

Zing | Watermelon Limeade

Strain: Maeng Da Kratom


  • High voltage energy levels
  • Euphoric mood elevation
  • Pain relief (stronger than Mello)

This one is for the OG Kratom consumers. Mouthwatering summertime flavor meets zippy, cool limeade in a gummy that turns things up a notch! The Maeng Da strain is known for its incredibly potent effects, perfect for frequent users and those craving the most mind-blowing experience.

Gold Series Kratom Gummies Details
· Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa (100mg), Mitragynine (70mg)
· Strains: Flo (Malay), Mello (Indo), Zing (Maeng Da)
· Strength: 100mg per gummy, 1000mg per bag
· Size: 10 gummies per bag
· Nanotized ingredients

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

[Single], [Box of 5]


FLO – Malay (Focus) – Wild Tangerines, Mello – Indo (Relax) – Strawberry Limeade, Zing – Maeng Da (Energy) – Watermelon Lemonade


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